After School Program Documentation Plan page

Example 9.1 (Continued)

Goal 5—Provide recreational activities in partnership with parks and recreation and private providers for all 1,200 participants so that participants have daily opportunity to participate in choice of activity.

Documentation for Goal 5 will include:

• List of recreational activities.

• Agreements with parks and recreation.

• Agreements with private providers.

• Student schedules.

• List of equipment and games.

• Purchasing records of equipment and games.

• Supervisory observation reports.

• Evaluation reports.

Goal 6—Provide social and health services and activities in partnership with public health, ATOD, violence prevention project and hospital for 600 participants with incidents of substance abuse and violence decreasing by 50% and health issues resolved.

Documentation for Goal 6 will include:

• List of social and health services by partners.

• Schedules of events.

• Example materials and education information.

• Counseling session reports.

• Court advisories.

• Numbers of students counseled in groups or individually.

• Incident reports.

• Crime reports and substance abuse reports.

• Statistical data.

• Supervisory observation reports.

• Evaluation reports.

• Longitudinal study reports.


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