After School Program Documentation Plan page

Example 9.1 (Continued)

Goal 7—Provide parent involvement activities—workshops, open houses, meetings, Web site, and direct mail—for all 1,200 students' families with positive parent involvement increasing 100%.

Documentation for Goal 7 will include:

• Plans, schedules, materials, and rosters of workshops.

• Plans, schedules, materials, and rosters of open houses.

• Plans, schedules, materials, and rosters of meetings.

• Web sites operational and with appropriate content.

• Direct mail pieces and schedules of delivery.

• "I care" parent involvement reports.

• Parent survey results.

• Teacher survey results.

• Student survey results.

• Comparisons of survey results.

• Anecdotal incident reports.

• Supervisory observation reports.

• Evaluation reports.

• Longitudinal study reports.

Goal 8—Evaluate effectiveness of activities through quantitative, qualitative, formative and summative measures to improve the project and report to stakeholders.

Documentation for Goal 8 will include:

• Quantitative tracking and final reports.

• Qualitative tracking and final reports.

• Formative tracking and final reports.

• Summative tracking and final reports.

• Results of surveys and questionnaires.

• Results of longitudinal and cohort studies.

• Supervisory observation reports.

• Evaluators observation reports.

• Database reports to funder.

• Goal and objective tracking and results.

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