After School Program Executive Summary page

Example 3.1 (Continued)

3. Provide recreational activities such as soccer and chess.

4. Provide social and health activities such as anger management and drug and alcohol prevention.

5. Provide parental involvement activities.

Participants will be served a nutritious, after school snack, and transportation home will be provided. Supplemental academic instruction will be provided by teachers certified in various subjects. Applied learning, recreational, and social and health activities will be provided by specialists such as 4-H leaders, home economics and vocational education instructors, city parks and recreation staff, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug commission counselors.

Expected Results

Middle school students' grades and test scores improve. Participants become proficient in an applied life skill. Incidence of substance abuse and violence decrease. Parents become more involved in their children's education. Participants have the opportunity for a daily supervised recreational activity of their choice.

Our Investment

The district and its partners contribute $1,046,414 to the budget of the project during year one. This amount increases each year until, in project year 5, the share of the budget borne by the district and its partners is 86% of the budget.

Funding Request

For project year 1, the grant request is $1,022,723, less than 50% of total project cost. The amount requested goes down each year until, in project year 5, the grant request is $224,609, less than 14% of total project cost.

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