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After supervised homework time, students break into small groups for a variety of activities based on the individual student's academic needs and personal preferences. After 3:45 for some students and 4:15 for all students, the remainder of the afternoon is divided into two or three blocks depending on the activities. These blocks may be spent on academic supplementation, applied learning, or recreation, social, or health activities. Students with special needs may be placed in certain activities targeted at the need. An example of this would be anger management. Students who are academically successful may choose their activities for all the blocks. Regardless of their academic situations, all students have one block reserved for their personal choice of activity.

Pick up of students by parents begins at 5:00. All students must be picked up by 6:00. Activities end at 5:15 for students riding a bus. The buses leave at 5:30. All bus riders should be home by 6:45.

Classes for parents begin at 5:30. The lengths of the classes vary based on content. Generally, hands-on subjects such as the various computer classes last an hour, with other subjects lasting only 30 minutes.

Special Note. In this proposal, reference is made numerous times to a "parent" or to "parents." The term "parent" does not convey the complete picture. Complete accuracy would require a phrase such as "custodial parent or legal guardian." For simplicity, we use the term "parent" to refer to the person who is entrusted by law with the care of the child or student in question. This person may be neither the biological nor the adoptive parent but another person who has legal standing as custodian or guardian.


Each middle school houses an after school program. Middle school students who participate remain in the same school. Therefore, no transportation of students is necessary at the beginning of the after school program. On teacher workdays when schools are closed for students, it is the parents' responsibility to transport their children at the start of the school day.

Student pick-up begins at 5:00 p.m., and all students must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. The normal school requirements concerning persons


Project Description

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