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r in the success of students in the after school program. In general terms, school personnel are expected to provide the information from which a student's Individual Academic Plan will be developed. Teachers also participate in a homework information loop, the purpose of which is to ensure that the supervised homework time is as productive as possible, perhaps including tutoring. Ongoing information feedback loops ensure that after school activities are aligned to the needs of the student and that both ends of the loop have sufficient information to change activities to meet changing circumstances.

Supplemental Academic Activities

Participation in after school activities will benefit any and all students, but the real targets of this program are those students having academic difficulties. That is why the topic of recruiting students to participate in the after school program is discussed here under academic activities. It must be made abundantly clear that the program does not limit participation on any basis whatever—not race, nor gender, nor religion, nor disability, nor non-English speaking, nor academic standing, nor even past behavioral problems. It is true that certain negative behaviors can lead to expulsion from the program, but all students start in the after school program with a clean slate.

The program will be publicized to all parents with the intention of accomplishing three separate "hits" for each middle school student. Because of the time involved in the set-up phase for the first project year, two report card periods will occur before the program begins operation. A flyer will be sent home with the first two report cards. The third "hit" will be a direct mailing to all middle school parents.

Extra effort will be made to recruit those students most in need of academic supplementation into the program. Teachers will discuss the academic opportunities available in the after school activities during the year's first parent-teacher conferences. In addition, teachers will make follow-up telephone calls to ensure that parents who want their children to participate get the chance. The goal is to recruit about 240 participants per middle school.

Once parents have signed the informed consent forms, the process begins of developing an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) for each participating


Project Description

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