After School Program Project Description page

Example 7.1 (Continued)

authorized to pick up children are in effect. Bus transportation will be provided for students whose parents or guardians, due to work schedules, cannot pick up their children during the hour between 5:00 and 6:00. Parents will be required to attend a conference with after school program staff to arrange bus transportation. Bus drivers are hired from the existing pool of district bus drivers


Set-up includes hiring program staff, recruiting tutors, completing agreements with private contractors, and preparing the physical facilities. The first position to be filled is the program director, the person with responsibility for the entire five-site after school program. The program director works out of the district office and reports directly to the district superintendent. This puts the director of the after school program at an equal organizational level with the four assistant superintendents for curriculum, student affairs, operations, and personnel. Dr. Christopher Allen, now principal of Ripley Middle School, has agreed to assume the position of director of the after school program. Dr. Allen's preeminent qualifications for the position of director can be seen in his biographical sketch in the key personnel section of the proposal. The availability of Dr. Allen to fill the director's position as soon as funding is approved means that there will be no time lag in beginning the other start-up activities.

Using the district's hiring procedures and coordinating with the assistant superintendent of personnel, the director will fill the remaining program staff positions. The director will hire directly the two people who will work at the district office: the assistant program director and the administrative assistant. The program director also will directly hire the five full-time site directors. The position requirements for site director can be seen in the key personnel section of this proposal.

It is important to note that the five middle school principals, though they do not occupy positions on the program organizational chart, are an important part of the program's management team. During planning and project development for the after school program and this application package, the school principals raised serious concerns about having activities occur in their schools which they would have no control over but would be held responsible for. These concerns were addressed in the

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