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Example 7.1 (Continued)

student. The site director and assistant lead this effort. The process begins with teachers completing an academic progress questionnaire on each student. In many cases, this will provide all the information that the after school staff need to complete the IAP. When additional information is needed, a conference between school day and after school staff will be scheduled through the auspices of the school principal.

As has been discussed already, each participant will spend time in supervised homework. When deemed appropriate during the IAP process, students will work with a tutor. Finally, those students most in need of help will be scheduled for academic supplementation classes taught by certified teachers during the after school program. For the first two program years, academic supplementation will be offered in language arts and mathematics. Additional subject areas may be added beginning in program year three if the need is great enough and the resources exist.

Applied Learning Activities

Applied learning refers to activities that while not classically academic in nature still teach valuable skills. Examples include cooking, sewing, carpentry, and landscaping.

The first few applied learning topics were determined by results of the planning focus groups. It is the responsibility of site directors and their assistants to canvas participants for additional topics for applied learning activities. After a topic is identified, it must be determined to be acceptable under the district's guidelines on extracurricular activities and it must be approved by the school principal and the program director.

Once an applied learning activity is approved, the site director must recruit a provider. If the provider must be paid, negotiations are turned over to the program director for completion of a contract. Each site will begin the first program year with the four applied learning activities listed above. It is the responsibility of each site director to add one applied learning topic each semester (two per school year). Using a site-based identification process for new applied learning topics allows each site, over time, to develop its own distinct culture.

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