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r form of a directive added to the district's policy and procedures manual with the necessary approval of the school board. The policy directs that no activities may be held in a school or on its grounds without consultation and coordination with, and the approval of, the principal. This policy makes each middle school principal an integral part of the management team. It is also important to note that each middle school principal has enthusiastically endorsed housing an after school program. One further note on this subject is that the school board approved a change to the middle school principal job description that includes oversight and collaboration on an after school program. The import of this discussion is that the middle school principals are involved in decisions about the after school program in their school. That point is not made every time a decision is discussed below, but it remains true.

Each site director, coordinating with the program director and the assistant superintendent of personnel, will hire a full-time assistant site director, a part-time snack coordinator, and five part-time certified teachers. Each site director, in accordance with district policy and procedures, will recruit and screen 30 qualified tutors.

A number of contractors will be hired to provide leadership or instruction in applied learning, recreational, social, and health activities. Examples of activities that might be included are dance, karate, cooking, and cake decorating. The authority to enter into the contractual agreements resides with the program director. An activity committee of the five site directors, chaired by the program director will make the choices of activities and contractors. The decisions of the activity committee will be guided by the project planning focus group results and input from the advisory committee but will also adhere to the district's extracurricular activity policy. In keeping with district policy, approved written agreements must be executed with each contractor.

The final step in the set-up phase of the after school program is to physically prepare each middle school facility. The site director and the school principal will work through the physical requirements of the after school program and ensure that the facility is prepared to accommodate the activities. For example, if the chairs in the cafeteria are normally placed on the tables for floor cleaning during the time immediately after school, the schedule for floor cleaning must be changed to


Project Description

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