After School Program Project Description page

Example 7.1 (Continued)

As with applied learning and recreation, it is the responsibility of the site directors to expand the offerings of social activities and health services to meet the needs and interests of the students.

Parental Involvement Activities

Each site director is responsible for implementing a number and variety of parent involvement opportunities. Examples include workshops, open house, group meetings, individual meetings, a Web site, and direct mail.

Another important opportunity to involve parents is by offering classes on topics of interest to the parents. The results of the planning process focus groups identified computer skills as the topic with the most interest. The after school program will use the computer labs at the middle schools to hold a variety of computer skills classes including basic computer literacy, using email, using the Internet, word processing basics, database basics, and graphics basics.

Additional topics for parent classes revolve around teaching parents how to help their children succeed in school. It is the responsibility of the site directors to constantly canvas parents to identify new parent involvement activities to meet the needs and interests of participant's parents.

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