After School Program Appendix

Sunnyvale School District

One Academy Lane • Sunnyvale, Mississippi 39200

August 31, 2004

Sarah Smith, Ph.D., Director

After School Grant Program

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

U.S. Department of Education

Washington, D.C. 20500

REF: September 1, 2004—After School Grant Program Competition

Dear Dr. Smith:

It is with enthusiasm that I commit to the After School Program for Sunnyvale School District. We need this program in order to be able to provide a chance for our children. Otherwise, our children will return to the cycle of poverty and lack of productivity they were born to.

I have personally committed that while the grant program is in process I will make numerous presentations to City and County Councils for supplementary funding for the key positions of Project Coordinator and Site Coordinators. If they will not fund the positions, with the aid of the School Board, I will cut enough administrative positions to cover the personnel costs for the After School Program. This will not be difficult due to normal District attrition.

The entire District and community are committed to the After School Program.


John J. Doe, Ph.D. Superintendent


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