After School Program Continuation Plan

Sunnyvale School District

The After School Program is a key part of our plans for the future of the Sunnyvale School District. The superintendent is personally supervising the program and the school board is keenly interested.

Our students are mostly from poverty situations where parents have not had good experiences with school and basically are uneducated themselves. Our parents are the working poor. They work in shifts, and most of our children are "latch-key" kids. When the children go home to houses with no adult supervision, they either associate with the older teens or young adults who are out of work and up to no good. Or, they get in trouble themselves because they have nothing productive to do. Homework does not get done. Children do not get fed properly. They do not get in bed until the wee hours of the morning. This does not bode well for success in school. Our district must solve this problem to be able to provide a quality education for our community's children. The school board recognizes the fact. The superintendent recognizes the fact. Both are committed to action to resolve the situation.

Our superintendent and the school board are committed to approaching the city and county councils for funding during the term of the grant. If that does not produce funding, they have agreed to cut administrative staff through attrition to cover the personnel and other costs for the After School Program. Please see letters of support from Dr. Doe, school superintendent, and Dr. Plummer, chairman of the school board, in Appendix A.

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