After School Program Cover Letter

Sunnyvale School District

One Academy Lane • Sunnyvale, Mississippi 39200

August 31, 2004

Sarah Smith, Ph.D., Director After School Grant Program Office of Elementary and Secondary Education U.S. Department of Education Washington, D.C. 20500

REF: September 1, 2004—After School Grant Program Competition

Dear Dr. Smith:

Sunnyvale School District serves 12,000 students from a rural, largely farming area in north central Mississippi. Our five middle schools serve 4,000 students, 1,200 of which we propose to serve with our After School Program. We propose to serve those middle school students most at risk of failure due to academic or behavior problems.

Our proposed After School Program includes student activities in three areas: academic, recreational, and social. We have established a community-wide consortium of 16 stakeholder organizations both public and private.

Focus groups held throughout the district identified as needing immediate attention, the problem of children with no adult supervision between the time school is out and parents return home from work. The district's long-term plan is to implement after school programs in all grades. To begin the process, we are requesting financial assistance to begin the process in our middle schools.


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