After School Program Dissemination Plan

Sunnyvale School District

The dissemination plan below is divided into three sections. We will first address what we will do locally and then with regard to the state. Finally, we will address what will do to publicize the After School Program (program) nationally.


We have good rapport with the local newspaper. They have written articles about our schools numerous times. There is an education editor that we will contact to do a series of articles about the program as it progresses.

Locally we have a county education foundation that has a newsletter about education issues and happenings in our area. We have contacted them and they would be happy to run a series of articles about our program.

There is no local television station but there is a local radio station that will run public service announcements for us. They will publicize when the program opens and its special events.

Our superintendent is on the board of the local chamber of commerce. He will be able to make a presentation about the program. That will help us get the backing of the business and industry groups and a number of the service providers.


All our principals are members of the State Education Association and can make presentations about the program at the state level. In addition, the SEA has a newsletter that will allow us to write articles about the program to be published statewide.

The state magazine occasionally runs articles about education issues. We believe with good photographs and a special project the state magazine might run an article about the program.

There is a key television station, WRAK, that broadcasts regionally. If we have a special project or a kick-off celebration, it is likely


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