After School Program Documentation Plan

Sunnyvale School District

Goal 1—Develop necessary infrastructure including facilities, staff, volunteers and contractors to accommodate 1,200 students at 5 sites.

Documentation for Goal 1 will include:

• Advertising for staff.

• Staff qualifications and hiring records.

• Plans for facilities use and renovation.

• Advertising for volunteers.

• Screening process and procedures for volunteers.

• Volunteer rosters.

• Contractor plans and agreements.

• Site plans and schedules.

• Staff and volunteer operations manuals.

• Supervisory observation reports.

• Evaluation reports.

Goal 2—Train program personnel in classroom, online and through self-study so they are sufficiently trained to effectively handle all aspects of activities.

Documentation for Goal 2 will include:

• Trainer qualifications, training manuals and rosters.

• Online course syllabi, materials and rosters.

• Self-study manuals, tracking reports and rosters.

• Skill tests and experiential assessments.

• Contractual agreements.

• Supervisory observation reports.

• Evaluation reports.


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