After School Program Evaluation Plan

Sunnyvale School District

We will contract with an outside evaluator to provide an objective, unbiased assessment of the results of program activity. In 1997, the district won a technology innovation challenge grant for approximately a million dollars a year for five years. We contracted with an evaluator referred to us by the U.S. Department of Education. Both the department and our district have been pleased with the work of this evaluator. She has proved herself to be thorough and thoughtful, tough but fair, and consistently positive, working to resolve issues in the best interests of both the Department of Education and the district. We contracted with this evaluator for her input during the project development for this proposal.

It will be the responsibility of the evaluator to answer the questions in the numbered list below. The program director will ensure that all program personnel cooperate fully in the collection of evaluation data. The evaluator is responsible for the development of interview guides, questionnaires, data capture sheets, check lists for observations, and other evaluation tools and forms.

1. Determine the effectiveness of the orientation training session

2. Determine the effectiveness of the tutor tutorial

3. Determine the effectiveness of the language arts subject matter mastery test

4. Determine the effectiveness of the mathematics subject matter mastery test

5. Determine the effectiveness of the explanation to school personnel of their responsibilities toward the after school program

6. Determine the effectiveness of the participant recruitment effort

7. Determine the effectiveness of the process for development of the IAP


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