After School Program Executive Summary

Sunnyvale School District

Project Title

After School Program

Contact Person

Jane Jones (voice 999-555-1111, fax 999-555-2222, or e-mail [email protected])

Applicant Information

Sunnyvale School District One Academy Lane Sunnyvale, Mississippi 39200

Mission Statement

The mission of the After School Program for middle school students is to improve academic performance, reduce the incidence of behavioral problems, increase recreational and social opportunities, and promote positive parental involvement.

Problem Statement

Sunnyvale school district faces problems similar to many rural school districts across the nation. In summary, the problems are low academic achievement, high drop out rate (low graduation rate), low self-esteem, increasing incidents of violence, increasing use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, few chances for organized recreation, and insufficient positive parental involvement in education.

Project Summary

The After School Program for middle school students has five main components:

1. Improve academic performance with supervised homework completion, tutoring, and supplemental academic instruction.

2. Provide applied learning activities such as cooking and carpentry.


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