After School Program Project Description

Sunnyvale School District


The mission of the After School Program for Middle School students is to improve academic performance, reduce the incidence of behavioral problems, increase recreational and social opportunities, and promote positive parental involvement.

The program is for middle school students and will run at the five middle schools and have a maximum of 1,200 total participants.

The after school program can be described fully by using nine topics:

2. Training

3. Supplemental academic activities

4. Applied learning activities

5. Recreational activities

6. Social/health services and activities

7. Parental involvement activities

8. Evaluation

9. Management and communication

Topics 1-7 are discussed below, each under its own heading. Topic 8, evaluation, is discussed in a separate section elsewhere in the proposal. Topic 9 includes the subjects of dissemination and continuation along with the management plan. Each of these subjects is discussed in a separate section elsewhere in this proposal.

To simplify the discussion of the seven separate topics, those features of the program that all the topics have in common—mainly, scheduling and transportation—will be discussed under their own headings below.


The program will operate five days a week, Monday through Friday, during the school year (August 15 through June 12). The program will close only for school holidays as published in the official school calendar. The program will operate on those Fridays designated as "Teacher Work


Project Description

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