After School Program Timeline page

Timeline—After School Program

Project Year One

Goals and Ob jec tives

Pro j ect Month













Goal 1: Develop Infrastructure

Obj 1

Hire project director

Obj 2

Hire site directors and snack coordinators

Obj 3

Hire teachers

Obj 4

Recruit tutors

Obj 5

Agreements with contractors

Obj 6

Prepare facilities

Goal 2: Train Program Personnel

Obj 1

Staff orientation training

Obj 2

Train tutors

Obj 3

Orient middle school staff

Goal 3: Provide Supplemental Academic Activities

Obj 1: Recruit participants

Obj 2: Develop academic activity plans

Obj 3: Supervise homework

Obj 4: Tutoring

Obj 5: Language arts supplementation

Obj 6: Mathematics supplementation

Goal 4: Provide Applied Learning Activities

Obj 1: Schedule applied learning sessions

Obj 2: Hold applied learning sessions

Obj 3: Recruit applied learning providers

Goal 5: Provide Recreational Activities

Obj 1

Schedule recreational activities

Obj 2

Hold recreational activities

Obj 3

Recruit recreational providers

Goal 6: Provide Social/Health Services Activities

Obj 1

Schedule social/health activities

Obj 2

Hold social/health activities

Obj 3

Recruit social/health providers

Goal 7: Provide Parental Involvement Activities

Obj 1

Parent workshops

Obj 2

Open house

Obj 3

Individual parent meetings

Obj 4

After school web page

Obj 5


^ Mi 1 a

Obj 6

Solicit parent attendance

Goal 8: Evaluate Program

Obj 1: Develop evaluation questions

Obj 2: Determine needed data

Obj 3: Determine measurement methodology

Obj 4: Obtain/develop measurement tools

Obj 5: Collect data

Obj 6: Analyze data

Obj 7: Publish evaluation results

Goal 9: Manage After School Program

Obj 1: Manage project personnel

Obj 2: Manage funds

Obj 3: Make ongoing changes

Obj 4: Disseminate project information

Obj 5: Advisory board

Obj 6: Continue project

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