Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Budget Justification


1. Personnel (grant request) $86,000

Outreach coordinator $32,000

Director of performance art $32,000

Administrative assistant $22,000

1. Personnel (matching funds) $116,000

Project director $48,000

Hotline manager $32,000

Assistant project director $36,000

2. Fringe (grant request) $16,125

Fringe rate is 18.75%

Fringe is 18.75% of grant request personnel costs ($86,000)

2. Fringe (matching funds) $21,750

Fringe rate is 18.75%

Fringe is 18.75% of matching funds personnel costs ($116,000)

4. Equipment $30,000

Multiline telephone system for hotline $12,000

Cell phones/radios/pagers for crisis teams $4,000

Two computers with peripherals for hotline and crisis teams $5,000 Database and communications software $2,000

Staging equipment for performance art $7,000

5. Materials and supplies $15,000

Curriculum material for educational outreach $9,000

Performance props and supplies $2,400

Miscellaneous office supplies $3,600

Example 16.4 (Continued)

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