Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Cover Letter page

The Commission receives funding from state, city, and federal sources for its regular programs and activities. The proposed project combines expansion of existing work (outreach), a new communication effort (hot line), and a cutting edge effort to get the message out (performance art).

On behalf of the commission and its partners, thank you for the help you have provided to us during the application development process. Even if we are not awarded a grant, we have benefited greatly from Mega-Industries involvement. We are grateful for the opportunity to become a Mega-Industries Anti-Substance Abuse Community. For answers to questions about our application, please contact Sue Smithson: voice 999-555-8888, fax 999-555-7777, e-mail [email protected].


John J. Jingleheimer Executive Director


Enclosures: Proposal, 1 original with original signatures Proposal, 4 copies

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