Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Dissemination Plan


The performance artists component will raise the visibility of the project locally. Presentations will be made at meetings, in schools, and at public gatherings. This component will also gain media attention from the local radio station, the area television station, and the newspaper.

The school district has agreed to send flyers to all the parents and post information on their Web site. In addition, they will attempt to get an article in the State Education Association newsletter.

The hotline and crisis center will be publicized through police, hospitals, clinics, schools, health department, Department of Health and Human Services, all community centers, chamber of commerce, the junior college, all community service clubs such as Kiwanis and Civitan, and through libraries.

The State Substance Abuse Council is already informed of our plans and has agreed to publicize the effort statewide. In addition the Association of Family Counselors and State Association of Psychologists want to study the project for replication in other parts of the state.

The project will have a Web site, and that site will be linked to all relevant Web sites. This will publicize the project locally, statewide, and nationally.

A presentation will be put together, along with a conference display booth for presentations at regional and national conference. The presentation will also be displayed on the project Web site.

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