Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Documentation Plan


Goal 1—Perform project set-up activities—staff hiring, volunteer recruitment, training, obtain materials — to support 1,250 participants.

All Goal 1 documents will be kept in the office of the project director. The following documents will be available.

• All staff hiring records and personnel manuals.

• Volunteer recruitment records, screening procedures, lists of volunteers.

• Training materials, training contracts, rosters, evaluations, test results.

• Materials review reports, material choices, purchasing records.

• Minutes of planning meetings and rosters.

Goal 2—Reach 8,000 K-12 young people with anti-substance abuse message with the result that substance abuse decreases.

All Goal 2 documents will be kept in the office of the outreach director. The following documents will be available.

• Print, advertising, public relations materials.

• Operations and procedures manuals.

• Minutes of meetings with school administrators.

• Minutes of planning sessions.

• Records of education activities and incidents in schools.

• Media reports, public relations messages, and advertisements directed at K-12.

• Records of group meetings and presentations.

• Materials for presentations and classroom sessions.

• Information pieces, flyers, brochures, posters, letters to parents.

• Parent education session records.

• Teacher and administrator education session records.


Example 9.4 (Continued)

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