Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Evaluation Plan


The evaluation will be approached from both the outside and the inside. We have contracted with an outside evaluation team from the mental health department of our state-supported medical university. This team will be tasked with the summative evaluation, including a longitudinal study to measure the ongoing effectiveness of the three main efforts of the project: educational outreach, hotline and crisis teams, and performance art. An internal evaluation team will be tasked with most of the formative evaluation aspects of the project.

A data collection tool will be developed for administration at the beginning of the project and yearly thereafter. At the end of the second school year of the educational outreach effort, we want to see the following outcomes for the approximately 8,000 students in grades K through 12:

• 100% of students are aware of the in-school ATOD prevention program

• 95% of students believe that the ATOD prevention effort is worthwhile

• 95% of students believe that the ATOD prevention effort is relevant

• 95% of students believe ATOD effects are negative

• Student's attitudes toward ATOD trend negative (statistically significant)

• Student's attitudes toward ATOD users trend "negative" (statistically significant)

• Student's use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs trends down (statistically significant)

From the formative side, we want to know if sufficient personnel, equipment, materials, and supplies are available to implement the program. We want to know if the volunteer recruitment methodologies are effective and what will make them more


Evaluation Plan Example 10.4 (Continued)

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