Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Job Description and Personnel Bios page

Kathryn Brandon, Ph.D.

Current Position—Private Practice Psychologist Project Position—Director Community ATOD Prevention Project


In Dr. Brandon's private practice, she has specialized in working with alcoholics and drug abusers. She has a vast amount of experience in this community with substance abuse problems. She has worked with the community hospital and other community service organizations to meet her patients' additional needs. She regularly does presentations in the schools on the medical and emotional problems caused by substance abuse. The principals say she is received well, by both teachers and students.


Dr. Brandon has 15 years of experience working to solve our community's problems of substance abuse. She is a tireless advocate for education as a prevention method. Dr. Brandon initiated a committee of area psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians to review substance abuse cases and provide expert input on remedies. She has the stature in the community to pull together the various groups the project needs for success.

Experience includes

Internship at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, 1989 Counselor at Cleveland Mental Health Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, 1990-1993

Private Practice in Cleveland, Ohio, 1994-1999 Private Practice in River City, 2000 to present

Professional activities

Advisor, Education Committee, National Association of Psychologists, 1995-1996

Chairman, Education Committee, National Association of

Psychologists, 1997 Vice President, State Associations of Psychologists, 2000 President, State Association of Psychologists, 2001 Board Member, River City Hospital, 2002-present


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