Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Job Description and Personnel Bios


Laura Merrell, M.S.W.

Current Position—Coordinator of Outreach, Department of Health and Human Services Project Position—Outreach Coordinator Community ATOD Prevention Project


Ms. Merrell has coordinated outreach services in our community for twelve years. In her capacity with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), she has developed contacts with leaders in organizations throughout the county. Her department at DHHS was in the top 5% of state departments in efficiency and effectiveness, according to a study last year. The procedures she developed for her department have been adopted by the state agency.


Ms. Merrell has the experience with outreach services that the project needs. She also has established contacts to put the project a step ahead for implementation. Ms. Merrell has expertise in developing procedures that work. She has the respect of area service leaders. A large portion of her work for DHHS has been involved with substance abuse intervention because of the prevalence of low-income families in our county. Her work has been exemplary.

Experience includes

Social Worker, River City DHHS, 1984-1988 Coordinator of Outreach, River City DHHS, 1989-present

Professional activities

Advisor, Special Olympics, 1998

Mentor, Girls Club of America, 1995-present

Board Member, County Library Association, 1997-present

Advisor, Association for Disabled Youth, 1994-present


Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Florida State University, 1982 Master's of Social Work, University of Georgia, 1984

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