Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Management Plan page

Our choice for project director is Dr. Kathryn Brandon, a clinical psychologist with fifteen years of experience working in our community to stop substance abuse by our citizens. She works well with our community resources to pull them together for a unified effort. She initiated a committee of physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and social work professionals to review cases of substance abuse and make recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation. Our choice for outreach coordinator, Laura Merrell, has successfully managed outreach services for the Department of Health and Human Services. She is highly qualified and has the respect of the service sector to be effective as outreach coordinator.

A team from the University of Anystate Medical and Psychological Colleges will evaluate the project. This team has evaluated a number of other related projects in the state and nationally. There will be a longitudinal study to see what the long-term impact of the project is. In addition, the advisory board will use the outcomes of each goal and objective to do an internal evaluation.

Participant records will be kept in a safe room under lock and key with only the executive director and project director having access. Otherwise documents will be kept in the office of the project director with evaluation records being kept both at the university and in the office of the project director. Documentation will be scientific and thorough under the guidance of national substance abuse program standards.

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