Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Management Plan


The Project will be located within the area ATOD Commission. The executive director of the ATOD Commission will personally supervise the project with the assistance and guidance of the ATOD Advisory Board. The project director reports and is evaluated by the executive director of the ATOD Council. The hotline manager, outreach coordinator and performance arts director will all report to the project director. An organizational chart follows.

The ATOD Commission has managed grants averaging $3 million a year for over 20 years. Grants have been federal, state, and local. They have been from government agencies, foundations, and corporations. Our chief financial officer works with a certified public accountant in private practice and outside auditors to manage our fiscal resources. In our history there has never been an audit exception. Fiscally, the ATOD Council has had sound, efficient, effective management. Every grant has its own separate account—no funds are mixed with operational funds. This grant will have its own account and will be under the oversight of a certified public accountant in private practice. The grant account will be audited annually, or more frequently, depending on funder requirements.

Example 8.4 (Continued)

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