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Hotline and Crisis Team

The responsibilities of the hotline manager fall into three main areas: (1) recruiting hotline and crisis team volunteers, (2) training the volunteers in hotline and crisis team procedures, and (3) implementing and managing the hotline and crisis teams.

The hotline manager, working with the project director, will research hotline programs and develop a procedures manual for the hotline based on proven effectiveness. Once volunteers are recruited and screened using ATOD commission guidelines, they will be trained in the hotline procedures. Consultants will be used to both train hotline volunteers and perform practice phone calls, putting the hotline operators into the most realistic situations possible.

Once sufficient hotline volunteers have been trained, the use of the hotline will be started slowly with a phased approach to publicizing the service. Originally, the hotline will be publicized only in a newspaper article, which our local newspaper has agreed to publish on the appropriate date. Once the hotline volunteers have become acclimated to real-time situations, publicizing of the hotline will accelerate, using all available means to reach members of our community. Such means include teaming with educational outreach program, featuring the service on appropriate Web sites, partnering with local health care providers, notifying all mental health care providers in our community, and partnering with local lodging, dining, and entertainment providers. One of the hotline manager's main responsibilities will be to continue and expand publicity about the hotline.

The hotline manager will also recruit, screen, and train crisis team volunteers. The agreements and relations we established during project development activities will be finalized with community fire and rescue departments, hospitals, mental health care providers, and other people and organizations necessary to the effective and efficient working of the crisis teams.

When a hotline operator encounters a crisis situation, the on-call crisis team will be notified and appropriate action taken based on the particular need. The crisis team leader will call on those people and organizations necessary for a resolution of the crisis and coordinate the activities. (continues)

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