Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Project Description page

curriculum, (3) training the volunteers to use the outreach curriculum, and (4) implementing and managing the outreach program in the schools.

As part of our state's youth drug prevention efforts, class time for drug prevention activities is mandated by state regulation. In addition, the school district receives state funds allocated for drug prevention. In an agreement reached between the school district and the ATOD commission, a team of outreach volunteers will work in each school in partnership with teachers and school staff, using mandated time and the state funding to implement an ATOD prevention program.

The outreach coordinator will use the ATOD commission procedure for recruiting and screening volunteers. In tandem, each volunteer must undergo the school district's requirements for screening volunteer workers. The school district has given the assistant principal in each school the responsibility as the single point of contact between the school and the project as well as oversight responsibility for ATOD prevention activities within the school.

A research committee has been established, comprising the project director, the outreach coordinator, and one school guidance counselor assigned by the school district from each of the four class groupings (K-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12). The purpose of the research committee is to identify ATOD prevention curriculums that have proven effective and then to choose grade-appropriate curricula for our use. The outreach coordinator will enter into the necessary financial and contractual arrangements with the providers of the chosen curricula.

A cadre of volunteers and school personnel will be trained as trainers of the ATOD prevention curricula. The trainers may need to travel for training or consultants may travel to us. The method depends on the provider of the curriculum. Once the trainers are trained, they will, in turn, train the remaining outreach volunteers and school personnel.

The ATOD prevention activities will be implemented in the schools as outreach volunteers and school personnel become trained. We will not withhold implementation until all personnel are trained but rather will implement in each school as soon as that school's volunteers and staff are ready.

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