Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Project Description


The mission of the ATOD Prevention Project is to reduce ATOD abuse among school students, provide intervention services, and effectively take the ATOD prevention message to the community.

Once funded, a series of set-up activities will be accomplished. After completion of the set-up activities, the project will operate on three tracks corresponding to Project Goals 2, 3, and 4. One track is educational outreach in our community's schools. Another track is the operation of a hotline and a crisis team. The final track is community education and outreach through the medium of performance art.

Set-Up Activities

The executive director of our community ATOD commission has the responsibility of hiring the project director. The choice for project director is Dr. Kathryn Brandon, as described in the management plan. Dr. Brandon has agreed to serve in the position; therefore, the project director position can be filled quickly.

Once the project director is on board, her first tasks will be to hire the outreach coordinator, the hotline manager, the director of performance art, her assistant (assistant project director), and her administrative assistant. Although the project director has authority to make hiring decisions for project personnel, the executive director of the ATOD commission will be consulted and will provide guidance. The advertisement, interview, and decision-making process in place within the ATOD commission will be used for all personnel hiring.

The ATOD commission is providing office space for the project. It will be the responsibility of the assistant project director and administrative assistant to make the office space into a prepared facility for implementation of the project. This entails purchase, installation, and stocking of the materials, supplies, and equipment necessary for efficient operation of the project.

Educational Outreach

The responsibilities of the outreach coordinator fall into four main areas: (1) recruiting outreach volunteers, (2) choosing the outreach


Project Description

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