Alcohol and Drug Abuse Project Appendix

Lake County Consolidated Schools

P.O. BOX 1234, RIVER CITY, ANYSTATE 12345, 234-956-2456

Melissa Martin Program Director

Department of Health and Human Services 234 State Street—Suite 567 Washington, D.C. 20202

Re: Support for the Drug Prevention Project Dear Mrs. Martin:

Our schools are facing a serious problem with substance abuse. We have some children who have experimented with drugs at the age of eight. In an anonymous survey of students, over 40% of our high school students have at least tried some drug. Last year 25 students were arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute.

We enthusiastically welcome the grant project as a way of community agencies working together to stop substance abuse in its tracks. We welcome the assistance.

We will provide space for meetings. Also, we will sponsor presentations in each school.

We have a sizeable printing operation and will print materials, posters, training materials and brochures for the project gratis.

We will also sponsor early morning and evening awareness sessions for family members of our students. We will attempt to offer sessions to meet all schedules.

In addition we will educate all teachers and administrators to look for signs of drug abuse and will set up an intervention policy.

We believe we can create a model project to be publicized to other districts across the country through our Web site.

Thank you for your kindness in answering our questions.


Quinton Cole, EdD Superintendent

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