Checklist Budget Summary

✓ Spreadsheet the budget form.

✓ Create computer version of budget form.

✓ Complete the budget justification (narrative) section first.

✓ The phrase "matching funds" means in-kind contributions.

✓ The phrase "cash match" means money in the bank.

✓ Personnel costs—Allowed? Restrictions?

✓ Fringe rate—within allowable range?

✓ Fringe = personnel cost x fringe rate.

✓ Equipment—Allowed? Restrictions?

✓ Materials and supplies—Allowed? Restrictions?

✓ Contractual services —Allowed? Restrictions?

✓ Capital expenses—Allowed? Restrictions?

✓ Total direct cost = Sum of all direct cost line items, both categorical and functional.

✓ Indirect cost rate—Within allowable range?

✓ Indirect cost—Allowed? Restrictions?

✓ Indirect cost = Total direct costs x indirect cost rate.

✓ Total costs—Within allowable range?

3 Remember that a grant maker's directions (instructions/guidelines) take precedence over any and all other considerations. You must absolutely, positively follow the grant maker's directions exactly, precisely, and painstakingly.

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