Checklist Continuation Plan

✓ Commitments from applicant organization's leadership (board of directors).

✓ Commitments from partners.

✓ Commitments from community stakeholders.

✓ Project structured so continuation cost is low (no grant-paid staff).

3 Remember that a grant maker's directions (instructions/guidelines) take precedence over any and all other considerations. You must absolutely, positively follow the grant maker's directions exactly, precisely, and painstakingly.

✓ Train-the-trainer professional development model (trainers clone themselves).

✓ Increase institutional capacity (does not cost much to continue).

✓ Increase intellectual capital (does not cost much to continue).

✓ No grant-paid worker bees (when the grant stops, the work stops).

✓ Obtain expertise from consultants and contractors, not grant-paid employees.

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