Communication with the Funder

What if you are in the middle of a project, and something you did not anticipate happens? What if you discover something you planned, will just not work? In these cases, and they do happen, decide how to revise your project, write it down along with your rationale for the changes, and contact your funder. Get his or her approval in writing for your changes.

What if you have a budget item that you find out is not the amount you needed, but you can shift funds from another budgeted item? Write down your justification for the change, and contact your funder. Get his or her approval in writing for your budget change.

Funders consider that they are in the project with you. It is their investment, and they will always work with you, if you can justify your changes to them. They do not like to find out later that you spent money on other items than those in your budget, or that you changed the project design without their knowledge. Since the proposal and your award are a legally binding contract, if you make changes without the funders' knowledge, they can require you to pay back the money. Funders would be within their legal rights to do so, and it does happen. Look at funders as friendly partners in the project and treat them as such.

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