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Almost all funders will require measurable goals and objectives with clear outcomes or results. Those that don't require measurability yet, will soon. We break goals and objectives into component parts, as we have discussed in the mission, goals, and objectives section in Chapter 6. This insures that we include all of the elements that the funder is interested in and guarantees that we have measurability. We may write the goal or objective in sentence form, or we may include the chart. We suggest you state the goal, at least, and state the outcomes expected from the goal, along with the evidence of evaluation. If you have a curriculum project, the curriculum itself is proof of a goal succeeding. If you have a test tube research project, your findings are proof of a goal completed. If you have a counseling program, records of the people counseled, and the results, are proof of your effectiveness. You do not have to turn every project into a study but you do need to think through what evidence you have that the goal was effectively completed. The following are three examples.

Counseling Research Project Goal Three —One thousand senior citizens will have a minimum of 10 counseling sessions with certified psychologists, with 75% reporting better outlook on aging, life, and a more positive outlook.

Evaluation Plan for Counseling Research Project Goal Three—Schedules of counseling sessions will be kept by name of client. Pretests will be given using the standardized tests XYZ Social Contentment Scale and the ABC Life Outlook Exam. After each participant has had five counseling sessions, the tests will be given again. At the end of ten counseling sessions, the tests will be once again administered and a questionnaire will be completed by each participant. The questionnaire appears in Appendix B. Family members will be interviewed six months after counseling and a year after counseling to see if the effects of counseling have lasting impact. All participants will be brought back a year after counseling to retake both tests. Results will be published in a report during project month six, at the end of the ten sessions, and a year after the project has been completed.

Curriculum Project Goal One—A planning session with five area computer aided design (CAD) experts will be led by a planning facilitator to identify the discrete skills and knowledge needed to be a CAD technician in preparation for designing a CAD technician curriculum.

Evaluation Plan for Curriculum Project Goal One—Credentials of each of the five computer aided design (CAD) experts will be available. Each is required to have at least ten years in the field and each will be the supervisor of CAD technicians in his or her respective industry. Our planning facilitation consultant documents the session in detail and completes a comprehensive report of all the skills and knowledge items identified. That report will be sent to the funder of this project.

Environmental Cleanup Project Goal Three —The City Planning Department head along with the local Environmental Protection Agency head, the Sierra Club president, area Forestry Department head, and the head of the State Wildlife Agency will oversee a three month, 300 person volunteer group clean up of the Ripple River within Barnard County.

Evaluation Plan for Environmental Cleanup Project Goal Three—A roster of crew members for 30 teams of ten persons each will be kept along with a schedule for each crew over the three month period of time. Special skills lists indicating the skills of each person in the crew will be kept for each crew. Each crew is assigned specific tasks based on the expertise within that crew. A list of tasks will be kept for each crew. The city planner is responsible for getting a record of progress for every crew chief after each cleanup session. A pictorial record will be kept by each crew chief of progress at each session. These will be combined with inspections by each member of the oversight committee, which will be written into a report.

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