Contractual Services

Any contracted services such as leases, rents, consulting costs, contractors, software licenses, and training constitute contractual services. If you have a contract for the service, it goes under this line item. The following are examples.

• For the week long training session, we are leasing a conference room from the Marriott Hotel for $150 per day. The total contract is for $750.

• The clinic will pay a monthly facilities rent of $1,200. For the grant year, the total will be $14,400.

• Blueprints for the building renovation will be supplied by the architect for a fee of $10,500.

• Technical support will be provided for installation of the computer systems for $50 per work station for 25 work stations for a total of $1,250.

• Landscaping will be provided by Atkins Nursery for $5,670.

• The leased telephone system costs $325 per month. One year costs $3,900.

• Software license for the patient tracking system costs $1,000 per workstation. There are five workstations. The total is $5,000 per year.

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