In the management plan, you simply provide an overview of how the program will be documented, where records are kept, and what documents will be available for others who want to duplicate your project. There is a documentation and dissemination plan in a full proposal—some funders require this section. Here you will simply provide an overview of your documentation plan.

Why does the funder want to know about documentation? Funders do not have enough money to solve the problems in which they are interested. Therefore, they fund good projects and publish information about them in the hope that other groups will duplicate the successful ones, and thus multiply their investment. If the project is not documented, then others will not be able to replicate the project. The following is an example.

The ABC Curriculum Development Project will publish the curriculums as they are developed on the university Web site for other colleges and universities to use. In addition, a summary of results of student participation will be posted on a quarterly basis. A list of course materials, lab kit contents, and reference materials and Internet sites will also be posted on the Web site.

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