Provide a statement about the manner in which you intend to evaluate the project. You should include a complete evaluation plan (see Chapter 10) in the proposal. Accountability is a key element to any funder. Evaluation is how you show accountability in the proposal.

Discuss any advisory committees and the chain of command for accountability. If your project is a research project, discuss how the research will be monitored and how the analyses will be done.

If your project is not a research project, each goal and objective should have outcomes. Those outcomes should be concrete and measurable. You then discuss expected outcomes of the project. Keep in mind that this is an overview, because you will include a complete evaluation plan in the proposal.

A full evaluation plan is included in this proposal on pages 34-40. The ABC Counseling Project expects that 65% of the people counseled will quit smoking. Of the 65%, three-quarters will still be nonsmokers after six months. If the remaining participants stay in the program for an additional six months, half will quit smoking and will still be nonsmokers after six months.

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