In this section, you list key skills and jobs by name that are relevant to the project. Here is where you might list articles or books written—keep in mind these need to be relevant to the project. Other projects of the same size and scope, along with budgetary responsibility, can be discussed. We will continue with Mrs. Mullins.

Mrs. Mullins created a city park for Jonesboro that had a budget of $350,000 and the project came in under budget and on time. She is highly recommended by the mayor's office of Jonesboro. In the projects she has coordinated for parks the size of ours, budgets have averaged $325,000—our project is estimated at $275,000. She has managed projects of over 300 acres and projects as small as 2 acres. Our project is 50 acres. She is a columnist for Southern Living Magazine and has written articles such as: "The Perfect City Park," June, 2001 and "Preserving the Environment," January, 2001. Mrs. Mullins is also a contributing editor for Horticulture Magazine.

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