Fire and Rescue Project Documentation Plan page

• Purchasing manuals with procedures.

• Purchasing agreements and contracts.

• Receipts, invoices, bills of lading.

• Order and distribution lists.

• Computer purchasing records.

• Budget reports and cost analyses.

Goal 4—Monitor, manage, and evaluate program to successfully accomplish all goals and objectives.

Documentation for Goal 4 includes the following records and publications:

• Supervisory records and reports.

• Minutes and rosters of meetings.

• Management plans and timelines.

• Planning reports.

• Personnel records.

• Evaluation and assessment records.

• Results of surveys, questionnaires, and polls.

• School assessments of junior fire marshal program.

• Incident reports regarding fire safety and rescue.

• Longitudinal studies.

• Fiscal management and audit reports.

• Measurements regarding all goal and objective outcomes.

Example 9.4

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