Fire and Rescue Project Documentation Plan page

• Newspaper and media publications and notices.

• Neighborhood fire prevention posters, window placards, and brochures.

• Minutes of neighborhood meetings and rosters.

• Junior fire marshal (JFM) badges, materials, and training materials.

• Procedures for junior fire marshal program.

• Meeting minutes with school officials and rosters.

• Meeting notices for schools, posters and other publicity notices for schools.

• Meeting minutes with students and rosters.

• Training records for students.

• Meeting and presentation records students teaching students.

• Tracking reports of junior fire marshal activities.

• Evaluation reports of neighborhood fire watch and junior fire marshal programs.

Goal 3—Improve training, recruitment and purchasing by centralizing services for 47 fire and rescue departments so that personnel trained have measurably higher skill, recruitment quotas are met, and costs decrease.

Documentation for Goal 3 includes the following records and publications:

• Training materials, schedules, and rosters.

• Training evaluations and outcome reports.

• Recruitment planning meeting minutes.

• Recruitment plans and schedules.

• Advertisements and public announcements regarding recruiting.

• Screening procedures for recruits.

• Recruits operations and procedures manuals.

• Lists of recruits, qualifications, and assignments.


Example 9.3 (Continued)

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