Fire and Rescue Project Documentation Plan

Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

Goal 1 —Perform project set-up—hire staff, prepare facility and obtain materials—so that the project can effectively serve 1,250 participants.

Documentation for Goal 1 includes the following records and publications:

• Staff hiring procedures.

• Personnel advertisements.

• Staff qualifications and interviews.

• Set up training facility within the mid-county fire station.

• Set up centralized purchasing office within the Hodges fire station.

• Review and purchase education materials.

• Review and purchase training materials.

• Review and purchase fire prevention campaign materials.

• Review and purchase supplementary materials for junior fire marshal program.

Goal 2—Increase community outreach through a neighborhood fire prevention program and a junior fire marshal program in schools to reach 47 communities and 22 schools so that fire incidents decrease.

Documentation for Goal 2 includes the following records and publications:

• Procedures for neighborhood fire prevention program.

• Training plans and documents for neighborhood teams.

• Schedules and assignments for training neighborhood teams.

• Meeting minutes.

• Meeting notices for each community.

• Advertisements and public service notices for each community.

• Flyers concerning neighborhood meetings.

Documentation Plan

Example 9.3 (Continued)

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