Fire and Rescue Project Evaluation Plan

Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

We require an aggressive assessment of the level of accomplishments of this project. Forty-seven community volunteer fire departments have incurred financial obligations based on the belief that the association will improve their community outreach, recruitment, training, and purchasing. We must be able to report to the member departments trustworthy and accurate results of their faith, their commitment, and their monetary contributions.

Our evaluation must tell us the degree of effectiveness of the new community outreach program. Information we need includes the amount of public awareness of fire prevention, the amount of public knowledge about fire prevention, and the rate of reported fires. Over time, we expect the incidence of reported fires to decrease as public awareness and knowledge of fire prevention grows.

For centralized recruiting, success will be that all 47 departments have sufficient manpower to fulfill their responsibilities.

For centralized training, success will be demonstrated by firefighters obtaining the proper certifications while expressing satisfaction that the training is of high quality and relevance.

For centralized purchasing, success will be demonstrated by departments' expending less time and effort while saving money.

With the oversight of an evaluation committee formed from the board of directors (the 47 department chiefs) of the association, the director will be responsible for the performance of the evaluation, using the resources that she and the evaluation committee deem appropriate.

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