Fire and Rescue Project Executive Summary page

investigations show that over half of the fires could have been prevented with a relatively small investment of time, and generally, almost no expense.

Project Summary

The purpose of the Quad-County Fire and Rescue Project is to reduce the incidence of fires and injuries due to fires by increasing community outreach and improving training, recruitment, and purchasing.

Community outreach is to be improved through 47 neighborhood fire prevention programs and grade-appropriate junior fire marshal programs in 22 schools.

Training, recruitment, and purchasing is to be improved by centralizing the activities of 47 volunteer departments through a consortium of fire and rescue departments. The consortium creates, in effect, a fire and rescue department equivalent in size to a second-tier city such as Denver or Indianapolis.

Expected Results

Community members gain knowledge about fire prevention, and the number and the severity of fires decreases. Fire and rescue personnel are better trained. Recruitment and retention goals are met. The cost to member departments of purchases and purchasing decreases.

Our Investment

The consortium will fund the staff positions and provide the facility.

Funding Request

The grant request is to fund start-up funding for one year.

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