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Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

Eight of the 47 volunteer fire departments have had grants through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. All of the 47 volunteer fire departments have managed local and state funds effectively. None of the 47 fire departments have mismanaged or otherwise mishandled funding. All have annual audits.

Centralized purchasing will be housed at the most central of the 47 fire departments. During the term of the grant, purchasing procedures will be developed, and training will be done with each fire department so that consortium purchasing is understood. Funds will remain with each fire department, and the department will be billed on a monthly basis for goods purchased. The consortium director will handle questions and troubleshooting.

Recruitment and training procedures and operations manuals will be developed during the term of the grant. All fire departments will have copies of these manuals and will be trained in their use. The state fire agency will approve the manuals to insure they are in line with best practices. Recruitment and training will be organized by the consortium director with oversight of a board of advisors made up of representatives from a third of the fire departments. Every two years a third of the board of advisors will be replaced by a representative from a fire department that was not represented the previous two years.

The junior fire marshal program will be supervised by the consortium director with the guidance of the advisory board and school officials. Once the term of the grant is over, a new guidance board will be chosen with half fire department officials and half school officials.

Fiscal management will be done through the central purchasing department. A separate bank account will be set up to handle grant funds. An independent certified public accountant in private practice will oversee finances. There will be an annual audit with an outside auditor.

Project Management Plan

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