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and resources at the local departments. The association will provide research, literature procurement or development, training, organization, database management, printing, mailing, and other tasks and activities that local departments lack the personpower or expertise to accomplish.

The association will serve three other very important functions: centralized recruiting, training, and purchasing. The effort to recruit firefighters is an ongoing struggle for local departments. Generally, people choose to become volunteer firefighters to fight fires, not become involved in planning, paperwork, and outside projects, regardless of the importance of such tasks. By placing much of the administrative detail of recruiting, training, and purchasing in a central location, local departments can focus on their central responsibilities.

Centralizing the training will cut the cost and increase the availability of advanced training. Centralizing purchasing will eliminate duplication of effort, allow economies of scale, and shift resources among departments, meeting the needs of one department with the excess from another. The financial and legal requirements for such transfers were perhaps the most difficult aspect of the agreement that had to be reached among departments.

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