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of training and equipment now necessary. In addition, the complexity of today's firefighting environment necessitates a great deal more sophistication in recordkeeping and reporting, which makes working effectively with computers and communications networks an additional necessity.

In response to today's challenges, the 47 volunteer fire departments of our four-county area began working together, pooling resources for the improvement of all. To formalize the alliance and provide a legal entity from which to carry out its efforts, the Quad-County Fire & Rescue Association ("the association") incorporated as a nonprofit organization. The association sought and obtained its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Financial support for the association comes from allocations from each member fire department. The purpose of this proposal is to obtain a one-time infusion of funding to cover the expenses of the set-up of the association. The member fire departments can support the association once it is up and running. We believe that funds invested in the association will show the way—provide a model—for the survival of thousands of volunteer fire departments across the country. The stand-alone model no longer works. It needs to be shown that a new collaborative model will work. We are in a position to demonstrate that this approach will work.

The funding we are requesting is to renovate and equip a donated building to serve as office space for the association. The director and her administrative assistant have been hired and are on the job, working in temporary space created at a centrally located fire department by parking a truck outside. Once we are able to move into a permanent facility, an assistant director, training coordinator, and shipping and receiving clerk will be hired, all with association funds.

The overall purpose of the association is to serve as a central information hub and service provider. The community outreach program is a good example of how the association will function. All 47 fire departments have community outreach programs, but the programs often are hindered in their effectiveness due to lack of time


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