Fire and Rescue Project Appendix

Center City Public Schools

10 Hawthorne Street Center City, AnyState 23456 867-654-8761

Dr. Joseph Moses

Executive Director

XYZ Foundation

Portland, Oregon 98745

Re: Quad City Fire Marshal Program

Dear Dr. Moses:

We enthusiastically support the Fire Marshal portion of the Quad City Fire Prevention Project. We have a large number of low income families in our service area. Most have substandard heating units such as rusty kerosene heaters, fireplaces, wood stoves and oil stoves. During the past winter we had three families whose houses burned to the ground due to the use of dangerous heating devices.

In addition, our community has numerous sub-standard houses with poor wiring. This is another fire hazard.

We will provide materials for training and the publicity campaign. We will provide space and a forum for presentations to our student bodies. After the term of the grant is over we will fund the program ourselves.

We appreciate the opportunity to submit our proposal.


Dr. John Jones Superintendent


Example 17.3 (Continued)

Fire and Rescue Project—Appendix, page 2

Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

123 Middle Junction Road Central City, AnyState 12345

Project Board of Advisors

James Blake, AnyState Fire Chief 56 E Street

State Capitol, AnyState 23456 234-765-4567

Dr. John Jones, Superintendent Center City Public Schools 10 Hawthorne Street Center City, AnyState 23456 867-654-8761

Nathan Yerty, President AnyState Purchasing Managers Association 123 Oak Drive Jonesville, AnyState 67458 345-765-8793

Matthew Cox, Area Fire Marshal 567 Lakeview Drive Morristown, AnyState 45678 456-567-3456

Mark Restin, Public Relations Specialist 78 West Main Street Fletcher, AnyState 23456 987-652-3432

Example 17.4

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