Fire and Rescue Project Budget Justification

Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

Total grant request is $217,000.

No grant funds are being requested for personnel and fringe costs. The applicant consortium is covering the salary and fringe costs of project personnel.

$65,000 is being requested for the purchase of Equipment.

This amount will be used to purchase the hardware and software to establish a computer network among the 47 member departments for the purpose of information flow for community outreach, recruitment, training, and purchasing.

$22,000 is being requested for Materials and Supplies.

This amount will be used to purchase the start-up materials for the community outreach program including the junior fire marshal program in the schools. No grant funds will be used to purchase office supplies for normal functioning of the association. This expense is covered through departmental allocations.

$130,000 is being requested for Contractual services.

These funds are for renovation of a building that has been donated to the association. Once renovated, the facility will house office space for the centralized purchasing, including a shipping and receiving area. Space for centralized training will also be prepared.

No grant funds are being requested for the Other budget category.

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