Fire and Rescue Project Continuation Plan

Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

The purchasing component, once the equipment and facilities are funded, will operate independently. Our problem with funding this component will be solved by the grant funding.

Recruitment processes and procedures will be tested and revised as a result of grant funding. Grant funding will give us the opportunity to work through the best processes for recruitment, as well as training. Funding training materials could be a problem with such limited operations budgets of our 47 fire departments. We have negotiated an excellent agreement with a local printer to cut costs for manuals and materials. We are considering putting training on a secure Web site. We have a computer security person who is interested in helping us set up the system for free. We will work on options during the term of the grant.

The community outreach program will be no problem except for disposable materials. Again, with limited budgets, the fire departments will only be able to handle a portion of the costs. Our plan is to organize a coalition of small business and large industry managers in our service areas to donate either cash for materials or to actually produce the materials. Several industries have professional printing operations that are fully capable of handling all the materials we need. We feel certain that with a concerted effort, due to the minimal costs to business and industry, we will be able to accomplish continued reproduction of materials.

The junior fire marshal program will be continued by the school districts. There is funding that can be shifted from other line items to continue the program once it has begun. The individual schools will be able to reproduce print material. Once started, the program will be managed at the school level with an advisory board of fire fighters.

For project personnel, each of the 47 fire departments will donate a portion of budget for salaries to cover the costs of a project director and assistant director. Donations will be sought from the community through fundraising efforts to replenish budgets.

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